Exfoliating Scrub


  • This product contains natural skin purifiers, walnut husks, olive skins, liquorice extracts, essential oils and lufa powder from the sea
  • It has deep cleansing, exfoliating and skin brightening properties
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Dislodges impurities and blackheads from the skin
  • Promotes the regeneration of renewed skin cells
  • Unblocks pores
  • Refines and polishes the skin
  • It enables the actives in your creams to penetrate the dermal layers, allowing improved absorption
  • It smoothes the skin surface
  • It evens out skin tone and brightens the complexion
  • Rinses off easily
  • Leaves the skin fresh, glowing and squeaky clean

Application: Wet hands, apply a small quantity onto the palms and apply to the face, giving it a thorough scrub with circular motion using your fingertips. Rinse well, removing all traces of the scrub. Pat the face dry and follow with your preferred mask and skin care routine. For mature, ageing skin, use once a week and follow with Xtreme Lift Mask. For problem and young skin, use twice a week followed by the Purifying Healing Mask.

Tub: 50g

Price : R170,00  (incl)