Oil Control Moisturiser

This moisturiser controls and balances oily skin, and is
anti-ageing, firming, lifting and anti-wrinkle

  • It fights pigmentation
  • It brightens and energizes dull, grey skin
  • It moisturises without making the skin oily
  • Full of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and brightening complexes
  • It has plant actives which work in synergy with each other
  • It also contains Liquorice extracts and sunblock is therefore

essential when the moisturiser is used in the day

Application: Apply to the face day or night, but use sunblock over it when
used during the day.

Tub: 50g

Price: R315,00 (incl)

Anti-Bacterial Cleanser

  • A blend of surfactants, floral waters and essential oils
  • Healing, calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties
  • Effectively and thoroughly cleanses the skin, fighting and preventing bacteria
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Leaves pores squeaky clean and the face bright and revitalized


Application : use morning and evening to cleanse the face and other acne-affected areas, such as the back. Use a small amount and lather with water. Rinse well. Follow with Anti-Bacterial Toner, Acne Serum and Treatment Moisturiser.

Pump dispenser: 250ml

Price : R220,00  (incl)


Anti-Bacterial Toner


A blend of pure Witchhazel, Orange Flower water, alcohol and anti-oxidants with therapeutic properties that tone and refresh the skin, refining the pores. Assists in healing pimples and acne and helps to balance oily skins.

Application : apply to the face, neck and affected areas morning and evening after cleansing, or spritz directly onto skin as a refreshing quick ‘pick-me-up’. Follow with Acne Serum and Treatment Moisturiser.

Spray bottle : 200ml

Price : R210,00  (incl)

Acne Serum

  • A concentrated, light, non-greasy blend of natural and essential oils that synergistically help to control and clear acne and problem skins
  • It penetrates the dermal layers and reduces the spread of bacteria from within
  • It has anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which help clear the skin
  • It has calming properties and helps reduce redness, inflammation and scarring without drying out the skin


Application :  massage only into affected areas and pimples, as often as needed, after cleansing with Anti-Bacterial Cleanser and toning with Toner. Follow with Treatment Moisturiser as needed. 

Homeopathic Dropper Bottle : 30ml

Price : R200,00  (incl)

Exfoliating Scrub


  • This product contains natural skin purifiers, walnut husks, olive skins, liquorice extracts, essential oils and lufa powder from the sea
  • It has deep cleansing, exfoliating and skin brightening properties
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Dislodges impurities and blackheads from the skin
  • Promotes the regeneration of renewed skin cells
  • Unblocks pores
  • Refines and polishes the skin
  • It enables the actives in your creams to penetrate the dermal layers, allowing improved absorption
  • It smoothes the skin surface
  • It evens out skin tone and brightens the complexion
  • Rinses off easily
  • Leaves the skin fresh, glowing and squeaky clean

Application: Wet hands, apply a small quantity onto the palms and apply to the face, giving it a thorough scrub with circular motion using your fingertips. Rinse well, removing all traces of the scrub. Pat the face dry and follow with your preferred mask and skin care routine. For mature, ageing skin, use once a week and follow with Xtreme Lift Mask. For problem and young skin, use twice a week followed by the Purifying Healing Mask.

Tub: 50g

Price : R170,00  (incl)


Satin Shave

  • A unisex product, for men and women, which makes shaving easy and a pleasure
  • It is a lubricant for shaving, replacing shaving foam
  • The smooth lubrication it provides reduces the risk of the blade’s nicks and cuts and reduces wear on blades
  • Can be used on the face, legs, bikini or any part of the body that needs shaving
  • It has seven natural and essential oils rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • It is calming, soothing, anti-septic, astringent, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, analgesic, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory
  • It prevents ingrown hairs
  • Leaves the skin feeling satin smooth, refreshed, energized and moisturised

Application: When used on the face, pour a few drops onto the palm of your hands and spread over the area to be shaved. Increase the number of drops when applying to larger areas of the legs or body.

Bottle with dropper nozzle: 50ml

Price: R215,00 (incl)


Cleansing Mousse

  • A light, foaming, hydrating and toning cleanser for all skin types
  • Leaves the skin squeaky clean, refreshed, bright and revitalized, with visible clarity
  • Assists in assimilating moisture into the skin naturally
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Leaves pores clean and face bright and revitalized


Application : use morning and evening to cleanse the skin. Apply 2-3 squirts of the cleanser to wet hands and wash face, neck and decoltage. Rinse well. Follow with Toner and your skin care routine.

Pump dispenser : 250ml

Price : R220,00  (incl)

Rejuvenating Toner

  • A revitalizing blend of floral waters, Witchhazel and anti-oxidants which tone and refresh the skin
  • It shrinks and refines the pores
  • It can be used as a quick ‘pick-me-up’ when sprayed directly onto the skin
  • It removes residual makeup
  • It assists with healing pimples and acne and helps balance the skin

Application : apply to the face, neck and decoltage morning and evening after cleansing, spraying either onto a piece of cotton wool or directly onto the skin. Follow with skin care routine. It can also be used as a refreshing quick ‘pick-me-up’ any time during the day.

Spray bottle : 200ml

Price : R150,00  (incl)

Heel Balm

Heel Balm

The JS Heel Balm is a healing, soothing and refreshing treatment for heels and feet. It has excellent repairing properties for treating cracked, painful heels. It has a cooling effect on hot, tired feet and is very effective on itchy skin.

It moisturises and softens the whole foot area, and also deodorises the feet.

It contains Lavender and other calming oils with therapeutic properties, which de-stress, relax and promote better sleep. It absorbs instantly, without leaving a greasy residue on the heels and feet, yet clothes the feet with a long lasting hydrating mantle.

Application:  Massage into the feet and heels every night (or as needed) after your bath or shower.

Price: on request.

Moisturising Soothing Balm

  • A light, nourishing, anti-ageing, soothing balm with anti-oxidants, vitamins, plant actives and peptides
  • Lightly nourishing
  • Fights wrinkles on five different levels
  • Firming and brightening
  • Soothing and calming after shaving

Application: Apply to the face after shaving, avoiding the eye area. Cologne can be applied over it if needed.

Tub: 50 ml

Price : R265,00  (incl)