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Heel Balm

Heel Balm

The JS Heel Balm is a healing, soothing and refreshing treatment for heels and feet. It has excellent repairing properties for treating cracked, painful heels. It has a cooling effect on hot, tired feet and is very effective on itchy skin.

It moisturises and softens the whole foot area, and also deodorises the feet.

It contains Lavender and other calming oils with therapeutic properties, which de-stress, relax and promote better sleep. It absorbs instantly, without leaving a greasy residue on the heels and feet, yet clothes the feet with a long lasting hydrating mantle.

Application:  Massage into the feet and heels every night (or as needed) after your bath or shower.

Price on request.

Nail Strengthening Cuticle Cream

Nail Strengthening Cuticle Cream 

This unique cream is an all-in-one nail strengthening and cuticle moisturising cream. It softens and moisturises the cuticles, strengthens the nails and helps them grow, promotes a healthy nail bed and improves the overall appearance of the hands.

It also doubles up as a hand cream, leaving the hands soft and smooth with long lasting hydration.

Application: Apply to clean hands and cuticles daily, making sure to massage the entire nail bed and cuticle. Excess cream can be applied to the hands.

Price on request.

Moisturising Soothing Balm

Moisturising Soothing Balm For Men

A lightly moisturising, nourishing, anti-ageing, firming, soothing balm with anti-oxidants, vitamins, plant actives and peptides with smoothing, soothing and brightening properties. It is designed to provide a soothing and calming effect to the face after shaving.  It also has the added benefit of fighting wrinkles on 5 different levels. It is lightly fragranced with Lavender.

Application: Apply to the face after shaving, avoiding the eye area. Cologne can be applied over it if needed.

Tub: 50 ml

Price : R265,00  (incl)