Elite Day and Night Cream

  • For mature skins which are normal, dry or very dry, and which need anti-ageing, repairing and restructuring
  • This cream is the top of the range, true to its name, and targets all signs of ageing on all levels
  • Comprises of six multi-faceted plant actives and peptides
  • Has a built-in Anti-Ageing Serum comprising of seventeen natural and essential oils
  • It is anti-ageing, lifting, firming, restructuring, cell regenerating and rejuvenating
  • It slows down the ageing process
  • It fights wrinkles on six different levels and plumps up and densifies thinning skin
  • It improves elasticity, moisturises and nourishes
  • Can be used day and night
  • It contains anti-oxidants, A, E and P
  • It gives a visible tightening effect
  • It activates the circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • The essential oil layers penetrate the dermal layers and blood barrier and youthefy the skin from within
  • It contains a natural 24-hour hydrating mantle which captures and retains moisture and assimilates it into the skin
  • It has a line filler with light-reflective properties for fine line blurring
  • Elite is not for young skin, and not for problem skin
  • For very dry skin, Elite should be used together with the Anti-Ageing Oil Serum


Application : For best results, apply to the face after the Oil Serum and/or Wonder Serum, morning and night. It is also effective when applied on its own.

Tub : 50g

Price : R415,00  (incl)