Elite Day and Night Cream

Elite Day and Night Cream

An all-in-one, anti-ageing, multi-active, moisturising, nourishing, day and night, natural skin care cream, with 14 natural and essential oils and 7 powerful plant-derived actives, clinically proven to visibly assist with the tightening, firming, lifting and anti-wrinkle action.

It fights wrinkles on 5 different levels. It has a combination of heavy-duty skin firming, lifting and tightening ingredients which visibly firm the skin and create a supporting net which lifts, tightens and restructures sagging skin.

It rejuvenates, smoothes and enlivens dull skin. It promotes a visibly radiant, youthful-looking skin rapidly. It contains naturally-derived vitamins and anti-oxidants which maintain the skin’s youthful appearance.

It improves the skin’s elasticity resulting in an ongoing young-looking skin. In addition to all this, it contains Hydraboost-R which provides the skin with a 24-hour moisture mantle. It also has a line filler with light-reflective properties for further blurring the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Application : For best results, apply to the face after the Oil Serum and/or Wonder Serum, morning and night. It is also effective when applied on its own.

Tub : 50ml

Price : R415,00  (incl)